Addiction Rehab Center Licensure Consulting

Starting your recovery center begins with licensure, which you need for nearly all the types of treatment services you plan to offer. Some licenses are not easy to obtain. That's where our experienced treatment consultants come in. They have been obtaining licensure for our clients for more than 20 years and are here to help you, too.

Presenting your case for licensure to the state is a sticky business that punishes even the tiniest paperwork mistakes. As seasoned treatment consultants, we know what the licensing board expects. We will work with you to ensure every crucial detail is in order before submission so there isn't any delay. The faster your paperwork is done, the sooner your center opens.

Our Approach

Here at The Drug Rehab Agency (DRA), we offer a wide range of assistance to our clients within our licensure consulting services. From "Readiness Site Visits" -- quick consults for appraising whether your site is ready for the board -- to comprehensive, beginning to end licensure processes. Ninety-percent of our clientele hires us to handle the whole licensure process so they can focus solely on business. 

DRA's customized approach stands out from our competitors. We first consider the addiction center's program, then its local guidelines, and lastly, the center's unique requirements. This approach has earned us a 100% success rate.

Please give us a call today if you are considering opening a treatment center, or could use some assistance in starting the process. Our friendly consultants are ready to answer your questions and to ensure your center's licensure process is in the most capable hands.


Pricing for our center licensure consulting varies by state and depending on how much progress toward licensure has been made.

Hiring us to manage licensure of a treatment center:

  • standard, flat-rate fee range of $15,000 to $25,000

For those seeking to open a Joint Commission or CARF-accredited center, we offer a money-saving bundled package.

Hiring us to manage licensure and Joint Commission/CARF accreditation:

  • standard, flat-rate fee range of $20,000 to $40,000 (saves roughly $10,000)

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