Joint Commission Accreditation Consulting

Up until now, the number of insurance companies that require a Joint Commission approval for medical care cover has been on a constant rise. Very soon, your medical cover insurance may be terminated for failure to comply with this requirement. This will most likely result in a significant reduction of your clientele. The vitality of a Joint Commission accreditation cannot be downplayed as it ensures that you get the best medical cover that is commensurate to the value of your money.

Basically, the Joint Commissions Standards (JCAHO) offers a reliable platform over which a comprehensive evaluation process may be applied to increasing the efficiency of treatment centers. In particular, treatment centers for managing and eliminating addiction have been the major beneficiaries of this program. The evaluation process is carried out step-wise and it encompasses; an accurate rating of the parameters in play, a holistic and precise assessment of the situation and the modulation of solutions to improve the situation. JCAHO not only focuses on individual patients but also deal with residential patients such as families and organizational entities such as institutions. Its standards are designed to be simple to implement with clearly stated and achievable targets.

Additionally, JCAHO have their own skilled Drug Rehab Agency experts who are available for consultation. With an experience spanning over two decades, our consultants ascertain the best possible service delivery to our clients. The Joint Commissions Standards compliance procedure is a straight forward procedure that only requires your timely compliance for a speedy completion of the process. Some of the consultation services covered include but are not limited to;

·         The provision of all necessary manuals; company handbooks, policies, and procedures

·         The provision and completion of all the requisite templates or other important forms

·         Outcome assessment and quality assurance services

·         Communication with the Joint Commission

·         Tutoring staff on the necessary policies

·         Spontaneous site visits and general inspections.

·         Follow-ups to ensure efficiency of service delivery.

The consultation fees begin from $15,000 and vary depending on the specific needs of the clients. Contact us anytime or visit our offices for any clarifications you may require.


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