All Inclusive Treatment Consulting

Starting a treatment center includes 11 main categories, with a total of more than 65 tasks that must be completed prior to launch. For many looking to enter the space, this can be a lot to take on.  Especially if those individuals have other obligations. That is why we have created our all inclusive pricing option for opening a treatment center

What is included:

Feasibility STudy

  • Business Plan

  • Pro forma operating budget

  • Evaluate physical facility against state regs

  • Review of state regulations

  • Attorney review documents

  • Company Documentation

  • Federal Company Documents

  • State Company Documents

  • Establish Accounting

  • Establish Banking


  • Certificate of occupancy, Fire and safety permits

  • Food service permit

  • Liability insurance

  • Board of pharmacy certification

Manuals and Handbooks

  • Mission/vision/core values

  • Policy and procedure manual

  • HIPPA manual

  • Employee manual

  • Health and Safety Manual

  • Client Chart

  • Job descriptions

  • Org chart

  • Mission/vision/core values

  • Program curriculum

  • Client Handbook

  • Family packet

  • Client Welcome Agreement Packet

  • Nutritional Plan with Menu


  • Licensing application

  • Amendments

  • Site Visit and Inspection

  • Licensing Completion


  • Program Schedule

  • Staff Schedule

  • Group Facilitation Schedule

  • Medication Schedule

Program Development 

  • Recruit leadership team

  • Train staff: HIPPA, boundaries, cultural sensitivity, universal precautions, emergency procedures etc.

  • UR training/protocol implementation

  • Intake/UR staff training

  • Hiring Protocols

  • Financial protocol

  • Finalize aftercare/case mgmt. protocol

  • Outcomes study procedure

  • Develop family program Curriculum

Joint Commission or CARF accreditation

  • File and manage all aspects of accreditation


  • Physical Facility Purchases

  • Begin physical plant renovations/adjustments

  • Utilities set up

  • Purchase Vehicle(s)

  • Choose, implement, and train EHR software

  • Computer IT system


  • Choose insurance billing platform

  • Register with insurance companies

  • Develop insurance UR/billing protocol as it relates to accounting


  • Open house

  • Facility opening final check

As you can see, our all-inclusive consulting package covers all areas needed to open a center. All for one low price. If we were to add this up, individually, it would cost over $110,000 in consulting costs.  With this package, we provide a discount and your total cost starts at $85,000.  Depending on your centers location, licensing needs, levels of care, and about 100 other factors.  To learn more, and begin the conversation, contact us today.  

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